CumuCloud File Manager
- for Google Sites
- for Google Docs

iGoogle Gadgets

Application configuration files locations
On Windows Vista/7 English:
Stored credentials:
Application log file:
C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\CumuCloud\FileManagerForGSites\FileManagerForGSites.log Application settings:

Why there are so little options with file cabinet folders?
At the moment the API & Google Sites does not support many folder features:

  • Empty folders are not visible (API)
  • Can not delete folders (API)
  • Only a single level of folder can be created (Google Sites)
  • Can not upload file with the same name to 2 different folders (Google Sites)

Why can't I drag & drop folders to Google Sites file cabinet folder?
Google Sites file cabinet support only a single level of folders (can not create folder hierarchy).

Why all the 'folders' create by CumuCloud File Manager for Google Sites are File Cabinet?
Future version will allow more options. That said - a true file cabinet folder is not an option due to the single hierarchy level limitation.

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